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Licensed NPS Outfitter # yell138               

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The best way to experience Yellowstone National Park is to explore it on a horseback ride or camping trip with the Yellowstone Rough Riders. The Rough Riders have been horseback riding and camping in the Yellowstone area for over fifty years, and they will escort you on an amazing adventure through stunning mountain and wilderness scenery. 

Horseback rides through Yellowstone give you a unique opportunity to see a large section of the park without being restricted to paved roads. Each riding trip is escorted by a knowledgeable Yellowstone Rough Rider who will match you up with the right horse for your experience level and lead you on an incredible horseback journey through Yellowstone’s most remote areas.

For those looking to spend more time in the Yellowstone landscape, Yellowstone Rough Riders coordinate guided camping trips in the most picturesque areas of the park. Your guide will help you organize the perfect camping trip for your group, and they can provide everything from camping gear to meals. 



Yellowstone Camping Trips & Horseback Riding

For over 31 years H.A. Moore has operated his own business throughout the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, running pack trips, horse rides, and fishing trips. He came to Yellowstone the summer of 1970. He had a job driving for the stage coach tours at Roosevelt lodge, in the northeast part of the park. He then spent 7 years working for an old outfitting business in Jackson Hole area at the south end of Yellowstone. This company had been in business for over 50 years when H.A. went to work there. H.A. began his own business in 1979 and moved to Gardiner, MT in 1980. He married Vicki in 1983, raised two children in the backcountry and now the grandkids are experiencing Yellowstone.


                                                                         Yellowstone Horseback RidingH.A. on Rowdy


    "The magic of Yellowstone grabbed me over 40 years ago and will not turn me loose. It has been a great place to raise a family, and I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. Whether it be a family adventure or a serious fly fishing trip; our goal is to give each and every guest the trip of a life time. Along with sharing some of our many memories and experiences we make a constant effort in communicating with our guests the importance of being light on the land. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge of the history and the various features of the Park. After over 40 years of experience in variable backcountry situations related to guests, horses, wildlife, and weather conditions I am very confident that you will have made a great decision by choosing Yellowstone Rough Riders as your outfitter for an adventure you will never forget!"

Many thanks for your interest and I hope we can be of service.




406-223-3924 or email us at info@yellowstoneroughriders.com

    Finding the perfect location to enjoy the great outdoors and engage in a rewarding activity is what we are
all looking for. Yellowstone National Park has been one of America’s most beloved and beautiful places. The surroundings, scenery and tranquil feeling are what Yellowstone National Park is all about. If you’re looking to take on Yellowstone and see what it’s all about, join us here at Yellowstone Rough Riders.

Yellowstone Rough Riders is the premier Yellowstone horseback riding ranch. Our ranch is stretched over
beautiful and amazing grounds and we’d be happy to take you on a great Yellowstone trail rides. Each of our employees is professionally trained, reliable and knowledgeable to handle any kind of situation. We can take you through the national park and we guarantee that you’ll find the views to be breathtaking.

In addition to providing Yellowstone horseback rides, we also provide our guests with pack trips and
Yellowstone camping trips. We’ve mapped out various locations that would be perfect for a camping adventure. We are experts when it comes to camping in Yellowstone and we guarantee that our Yellowstone pack trips will be a trip to remember forever. We take every precaution to make sure our guests are safe and out of harm’s way, trust that your experience is the most important to us.

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to browse our site for additional information on our
Yellowstone trail rides and Yellowstone pack trips. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced outdoorsman or are looking for a new adventure to take on; we guarantee that you’ll be given a thrill of a lifetime either way.
Please feel free to contact us for information or to make a reservation.







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