Yellowstone Guided Pack Trips

Yellowstone National Park contains more than 2.2 million acres of the most pristine wilderness still available in America and you only see less than 3% of this from any road, the rest is backcountry. Our pack trips cover this backcountry, North, South, East, West; we travel the whole system. As far as spectacular country and wildlife, Yellowstone speaks for its self. There are some areas which offer better fishing, and there are some areas which have it all. We will do our best to pick the area which better fits your trip.

Yellowstone has designated campsites throughout the backcountry, and we are obligated to work with the Park's backcountry office on campsite reservations. It is important that you contact us early in order to reserve the desired campsite for your trip.

Our Pack Trips

Our pack trips are for you and yours alone. You'll be pleased to know we do not mix groups. Our trips are arranged for your group of 4-8 people. There is always at least two staff on every trip. Larger groups or longer trips may have three or four staff to serve you in the best way possible.

For singles or couples who would like to be with a group, we offer one or two mixed group trips a year. If this fits you, we'll make every effort to match you with others who have similar interests. These trips, too, are for 4-8 people. Call us and we'll work together to make sure we can get you in with a group to experience the wonders of the wilderness.

All of our pack trips are all-inclusive. You need only bring your personal gear and we'll provide all the rest. We will send you a checklist of items we suggest you bring for your comfort. (Most people prefer to bring their own sleeping bags, but we do have them available to rent for $25 if needed.) We provide tents, sleeping pads, and a back country kitchen with an excellent cook and a great menu. If you have some dietary restrictions, be sure to tell us and we promise to do our best to meet your needs.

We also have fishing gear available at no charge! 

Booking A Pack Trip

  • Pack trips are priced at $390 per day per person.
  • Pack trips are offered from July 1st through September 30th.
  • All trips require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Customizing Your Trip

Once you book your Yellowstone National Park pack trip, we'll send you a questionnaire to fill out to help us customize your trip.

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