Yellowstone Fishing Trips

Yellowstone is one of the best inland trout habitat in America - and among the Yellowstone is one of the best inland trout habitat in America- and among the best in the world! We visit Pebble Creek, Slough Creek, Cache Creek, and the Lamar and Yellowstone River, as well as other select spots.

This trip is a great opportunity for experienced anglers to fish backcountry water which has seen very little fishing pressure. About two and a half hours on a horse and you are there. This is an all-day adventure and we provide lunch and beverages. Although we take many guests who have fished all over the world, this can also be a great adventure for the whole family. It could be the first time your kids see and possibly catch their first wild trout.

Full-day horseback fishing trips

Our horse back fishing trips do not include a personal hands on guide, but we do know the water and what has been happening as far as fly selection. If you would like a hands on guide, let us know.

Most avid fly fisherman have and bring their own equipment, but we do have equipment available for the novice fisherman.

  • Fishing trips are offered from July 1 to October 15.
  • 3 or more people: $200 per person
  • 2 people: $300 per person
  • 1 person: $450

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