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H.A. Moore is owner and manager of Yellowstone Rough Riders. A certified stock operator licensed to operate in Yellowstone for 35 years and has 41 years of experience in Yellowstones backcountry. Just tell H.A. what kind of sights you want to see, and he'll show you the best and most beautiful. He's found a treasure chest of scenic spots. H.A.was featured in the April, 1982 edition of The Western Horseman and article "The last best river" in the National Geographic.  




Vicki Moore Vicki grew up in Wisconsin dairy land helping her parents; five sisters and three brothers work a 400-acre dairy farm and showing registered quarter horses. She came west in 1981 and fell in love with Yellowstone and H.A. She joined the business and has worked together with H.A. ever since.



                                                                                                                                                                                                  Taralynn Matthews is an experienced horse wrangler. Tara has had more experience in Yellowstone's back country than many outfitters running trips. She went on her first pack trip when she was just 2. She has received many awards at horse shows in team roping, barrel-racing and pole-bending, and has a gift for healing animals. Tara loves the outdoors and her favorite horse, Apple Jack who is in his thirties. Tara married Chance, a rancher from Browning, MT and now has three daughters, Mariana, Rilynn and Elena. They now live in Montanas ranch land and help out with the business whenever they can. The girls are already following in their mothers footsteps, Mariana took her first pack trip when she was two and Rilynn was just a little over a year old. They hope to get little Elena back there this summer. When Tara is not in the back country she is in the hospital where she works as a phlebotomist.





Chance Matthews grew up ranching in Browning, MT. He spent his childhood helping is dad and grandpa on their famly owned ranch. After high school he decided to try something different and headed south to explore Yellowstone. That is were he met his wife Taralynn. Chance and Tara help out in hte summer months whenever they can, when Chance is not in the back country he is working for an exploration company and helping the local ranchers during winter calving and spring branding.




All Yellowstone Rough Riders' employees are personally trained by the family to deliver the same high-quality service.




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